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Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 400,000 young people and 100,000 adults across the UK and here in Hornchurch District we Digital District Badgeare proud to offer Scouting to over 1500 of these youngsters, in Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs ,Scout Troops and Explorer Sections in Ardleigh Green, Corbets Tey ,Cranham, Elm Park, Emerson Park, Hornchurch, Rainham and Upminster..
We believe in helping our Members fulfil their potential by working in teams and this gives them the skill to do and think for themselves. People from every background and culture have the opportunity to stretch themselves, learn new skills and make life long friends.
Whatever your age, Scouting in the 21st century is challenging, stimulating, imaginative,  rewarding and above all FUN!!! Scouting is for young people from the age of 6 through to 25, with each of these youth sections following an exciting programme.
The  challenge and adventure isn’t just for our youth members. Adult volunteers have lots of fun too, in the knowledge that they are giving something back to society by helping children and young people meet their potential.

Hornchurch District Scout patrol leader training w/e

DSCF2224Over the weekend of 13th – 15th May 2022. Twenty six Scouts from seven different groups across the district, assembled at Warren lodge for this year’s patrol leader training camp. The aim of the weekend being the acquiring of the Team Leader challenge award.
The scouts were divided into six mixed teams, each identified by a colour. Saturday morning saw the teams taking part in site layout assessment, kit lists, team communication game and a very involved camp planning session. This involves everything from site selection to menu planning, activity planning, plus transport arranging, and costing.
After a well- earned break it was time for the teams to attend six leader lead bases. First Aid, Lashings, Axe work, Bearings, Stoves and Fire lighting were on offer.
With orienteering, more compass work, another type of communication active session and Guy building following on after lunch. In case you’re wondering about guy building in the middle of May. They became our casualties for a pioneering rescue activity later on. Also, of course, they burn well after use. (Always popular).
Many more items were covered from their work folders. Rachel Taylor (DESC) ran a session on the pyramid of scouting followed by information about moving on to explorers.
The last session on Sunday morning, just as the rain made its first appearance in an otherwise gloriously sunny weekend, saw the scouts involved in the ever popular fire on the lake activity. A nice challenge to round of a morning of listening to me rattling through things. Congratulations to all the scouts that took part in the course and gained their award.
And saving a very important thank you to last. A massive thanks to the leaders on site. Gerry Merritt, Lyn Merritt, ( most appreciated for all the cooking), John Reed, Dean Claxton, Dean Holden, Andy Rice, Glenn Daniels, and Rachel Taylor. Also thanks to Lisa for keeping me sane with all the money comings and goings. Without these good people the whole thing could not have run at all. 

Grand Job




District Leader

District Cub Camp 2022

BCD 0096 2

District camp 2022 was really GREAT! 

138 cubs from11 groups, 9 young leaders and 34 leaders, with visits from Dean Jeffries and Linda Thorogood.

It all kicked off with a good old sing song around the campfire then bed though not much sleep!

Saturday - up,fed and watered then straight onto activities and bases galore including kayaking, rafting, air rifles, archery, climbing, crate stacking, cave bus, wheelchairs, bottle rockets, slack-line, lava floor, paracord keyrings, knotting, balistas, treasure hunt and bunting for our Jubilee fair in the evening... sooo much fun! And the food....scrummy especially the bacon rolls, thanks to Stuart and his team.  The cubs all had great fun making new friends, sleeping in tents, lots for them for the first time, and enjoyed EVERYTHING!




District Leader


St Georges Day

BCD 0473So, we thought that after a three year gap that St George’s Day 2022 might have been a small select affair - and how wrong we were!!!
The sun shone, the parade route was packed with cheering parents and residents and we had to get extra chairs out in the hall as everyone packed in!
If doughnut sales is a barometer of numbers all 500 of those went in a flash and many were left disappointed so we clearly had hundreds on parade!
It was lovely to see so many adults being recognised with long service & good service awards and the smiles on the faces of all the participants was great to see!
Can I thank the Police, the Council, Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps, the site team at Emerson Park, our Road Traffic Marshalls, our Pianist, Pete Seddon our Parade Marshall and everyone who helped to set up the venue yesterday and to tidy up today.
It was a lovely celebration of the family of Scouting in Hornchurch and I was bursting with pride seeing you all parading past!

Well done one and all!



Dean Jefferys
Interim District Commissioner

2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers takes on Wear Red Day!

2sqhr1 2On the 4th of February, the 2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers colony all wore red to our weekly meeting, in aid of #WearRedDay. This annual day is in the 10th year of it’s launch, for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund - who are amazing in supporting research and encouraging awareness for congenital heart disease in both children and adults.
In order for the Beavers to wear non-uniform and attend the session in red clothing, we asked our parents to kindly donate £1, with all proceeds going to the charity. We were astonished by the very kind donations that we received - and managed to raise just under £65 for the charity in total - which is an amazing achievement.
We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of our lovely Beaver parents at the 2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers Colony! Your generosity will be very much appreciated by the charity.

Charlie Lovegrove

Cornwell Scout Award

BCD 0029

Today we had the enormous pleasure to witness the award of the extremely rare Cornwell Scout Award for bravery to Eddie, a Cub Scout from 8th Hornchurch who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 6 and had to endure gruelling chemotherapy, six hour operations, repeated blood tests and infusions, and all with a smile on his face.

Despite all of this Eddie’s dedication and devotion to Scouting has been second to none - only missing one Scout event throughout his treatment and often rushing from hospital appointments to get to Beavers at 2nd Squirrels Heath and now Cubs at 8th Hornchurch.
Fortunately Eddie’s treatment has been successful and his tumour has now not grown for over two years. Throughout all of this his positive and inspiring outlook has been a shining example to all!

The award was presented to a surprised Eddie today in front of friends and family by Lee Clark, County Commissioner for GLNE on behalf of Bear Grylls, the Chief Scout.

We are all really proud of Eddie and hope that he has an amazing day when he goes to Windsor Castle in April to meet the Chief Scout and to join the National Queens Scout Service. It’s so well deserved!


Dean Jefferys
Interim District Commissioner

The District Team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

We hope you enjoy the short video we have put together.

Best wishes to you and your families,
Dean, Louisa and Hornchurch District Scouts


2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers - Community Project

s123To end this year, our Beavers were involved in a very important Community Project, as part of their World Challenge Badge. We aim to do a Community Project every year at our Beavers colony. Last year, we raised £438.96 for St Francis Hospice, through their Jam Jar Army project. This year, our project involved getting our Beavers to design some amazing Christmas Cards and put together some donations to give to elderly people in our community, who are clients at the home care company, Radfield Home Care Havering. The Christmas gift bags have been made up and are being distributed to the clients, and each of them have been so pleased to receive their cards and gifts. We cannot thank all of our parents/carers and Beavers enough for their  amazing generosity and very kind donations. Their kindness may have helped someone smile at what can be a very lonely time of year. We were so overwhelmed by their generosity, that when we had finished making up the gift bags for the clients at Radfield, we had a lot of stuff still left over - and so with the remaining gifts, we have made up three hampers, one ready to donate to St Francis Hospice, one to a local food bank and one to Wickes, who all donate them to families and individuals in need at Christmas. Therefore, the generosity shown by our colony will have touched many hearts this Christmas, so quite simply, thank you to all that were involved in this amazing project! 

Charlie Lovegrove.


Cubs District Air Rifle Competition 2021

The competition was held at the 8th Hornchurch HQ. The weather was fine although we had erected a party tent in case of rain.

The first Session the under 9 ¼ age group not to many Cubs turned up. We normally get the most Cubs in this session so it is an hour longer than the afternoon session. As we only had 24 Cubs we ended up playing games with the Cubs till the parents came to collect them.

After lunch (chips and bits for the leaders) we had a larger influx of Cubs over 9 ¼. In total we had 67 Cubs attend our biggest number yet.

Thanks to all the Leaders that helped Richard, John, Tom, George, Roger, Sasha, Jack, Mick, Chris as without you we could not run events where pack leaders do not need to attend.

Under 9 1/4    
Name  Group  Score
BENJAMIN 1st Cranham 23
RALPH 8th  Hornchurch Jupiter 19
BEN 8th  Hornchurch Jupiter 14
Over 9 1/4    
Name  Group  Score
CHLOE NASH 1st Elm Park 22
RENZO COOPER 2nd Upminster Derham 21
Overall Group 1st Elm Park  


Bob Wallace ADC Cubs Events


District Cubs Archery Competition 2021

The District Cubs Archery Competition was held at 2nd Squirrels Heath HQ, Arnaud Lodge on the 9th October. It was split into 3 age groups under 9 under 10 and under 11. There were 3 trophies in each age group for the cubs to win and also keep.

We have never had so many Cubs attend the Archery before. 78 Cubs attended.

The weather was very warm and sunny. While not completing they spent time outside either watching a video or playing on the grass.

Due to the large numbers we had to extend the times for the under 10’s. But with What’s app available to some of the groups the parents were informed.

All the Cubs enjoyed the day. Drinks crisps and sweets were given to the Cubs.

I would also like to thank the leaders that stayed to help run the event. John Reed, Richard Thorn, John Dodd, Allison Chung, Chris Plume, Jemma Styles, Sarah Matthews, Glen Tarten-Hughes, Amelia Lavender and any one I have missed out. Without your help we could not put on such a good event.

Under 9   Under 10   Under 11   GROUP SCORES  
Ralph 26 William 36 Francies 31 1st Corbets Tey 22
Louis 25 Aaron 34 Ethan 30 2nd Elm Park 21.14
Joseph 24 Daniel 32 Maggie 26 1st Upminster 21

Bob Wallace ADC Cubs (Events)



St Georges Day 2021

Watch the video on Youtube.



Recruit a Friend Badge 

The District has launched a Recruit a Friend Badge to help recruit young people.

These badges have been sent out to each group so we have enough for each person on the census.Bringafriend

To earn this badge the young person needs to recruit a friend and buddy them until they are invested.

Additionally if a young person wants to use to recruit an adult who takes out an appointment and is invested this is valid too. The badge is there to aid recruitment so do use it if helpful.

If any more are required then they can be obtained from the District badge Shop at no charge.

Paul Fix - Acting District Commissioner

Young Leaders



Congratulations to Aliyah and George who were presented with their Young Leader certificates and belts. They had both completed their First Aid training. Aliyah had done hers on the Lord Amory while she spent weekends on board assisting and earning her boating qualifications. While George completed his with The St Johns Ambulance. If lockdown had come two weeks later then we would have had another 11 Young Leaders who would have completed their First Aid training. They would also be receiving their certificates and belts. So as soon as we can return to meetings, we will get a training course for these youngsters.