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Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 400,000 young people and 100,000 adults across the UK and here in Hornchurch District we Digital District Badgeare proud to offer Scouting to over 1500 of these youngsters, in Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs ,Scout Troops and Explorer Sections in Ardleigh Green, Corbets Tey ,Cranham, Elm Park, Emerson Park, Hornchurch, Rainham and Upminster..
We believe in helping our Members fulfil their potential by working in teams and this gives them the skill to do and think for themselves. People from every background and culture have the opportunity to stretch themselves, learn new skills and make life long friends.
Whatever your age, Scouting in the 21st century is challenging, stimulating, imaginative,  rewarding and above all FUN!!! Scouting is for young people from the age of 6 through to 25, with each of these youth sections following an exciting programme.
The  challenge and adventure isn’t just for our youth members. Adult volunteers have lots of fun too, in the knowledge that they are giving something back to society by helping children and young people meet their potential.

2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers - Remembrance Day Designs:

In commemoration of Remembrance Day, we believe that it is vital that our Beavers understand the sacrifices of all soldiers who have fought and are still fighting for this country. And so, we did our little bit to thank them for their sacrifices. Our Beavers drew colourful Remembrance pictures; some chose to draw a poppy, outline of a soldier or reflect on a well known Remembrance poem. The designs that we received were all excellent and very creative, and our Beavers Leadership Team were all very impressed at the amount of effort that went into each of them. Well done to all of our Beavers, that took part in this very important project. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Please see the video below, showing all of our Beavers’ amazing Remembrance designs.

‘They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn:
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them:
We will remember them.’

2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers Leadership Team.

District Cubs Archery Competition 2021

The District Cubs Archery Competition was held at 2nd Squirrels Heath HQ, Arnaud Lodge on the 9th October. It was split into 3 age groups under 9 under 10 and under 11. There were 3 trophies in each age group for the cubs to win and also keep.

We have never had so many Cubs attend the Archery before. 78 Cubs attended.

The weather was very warm and sunny. While not completing they spent time outside either watching a video or playing on the grass.

Due to the large numbers we had to extend the times for the under 10’s. But with What’s app available to some of the groups the parents were informed.

All the Cubs enjoyed the day. Drinks crisps and sweets were given to the Cubs.

I would also like to thank the leaders that stayed to help run the event. John Reed, Richard Thorn, John Dodd, Allison Chung, Chris Plume, Jemma Styles, Sarah Matthews, Glen Tarten-Hughes, Amelia Lavender and any one I have missed out. Without your help we could not put on such a good event.

Under 9   Under 10   Under 11   GROUP SCORES  
Ralph 26 William 36 Francies 31 1st Corbets Tey 22
Louis 25 Aaron 34 Ethan 30 2nd Elm Park 21.14
Joseph 24 Daniel 32 Maggie 26 1st Upminster 21

Bob Wallace ADC Cubs (Events)



St Georges Day 2021

Watch the video on Youtube.



Celebrating Saint George



Recruit a Friend Badge 

The District has launched a Recruit a Friend Badge to help recruit young people.

These badges have been sent out to each group so we have enough for each person on the census.Bringafriend

To earn this badge the young person needs to recruit a friend and buddy them until they are invested.

Additionally if a young person wants to use to recruit an adult who takes out an appointment and is invested this is valid too. The badge is there to aid recruitment so do use it if helpful.

If any more are required then they can be obtained from the District badge Shop at no charge.

Paul Fix - Acting District Commissioner

2nd SQH Beavers St Francis Hospice



Our Beavers have recently taken part in a very special and important project for St Francis Hospice. The Beavers drew and coloured Cheerful Pictures for display at a local hospice and also collected money for the Jam Jar Army, to donate to the independent charity. The project links to the Beavers World Challenge Badge and involves a community project and helping the wider community. Due to the pandemic, helping the local community together at this time is difficult, however we thought of an excellent project with St Francis Hospice for the Beavers to take part in safely. The hospice have worked tirelessly throughout the course of the pandemic so it was important for us to provide them with some donations to contribute to their endless quality care for their patients. The photo collages below show our Beavers Jam Jars and their amazing drawings, which they should be extremely proud of! Their generous contributions will make a massive difference to the hospice!

Charlie Lovegrove


The District Team wanted to take the chance to say thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


2nd Cranham Cubs Remembrance Day

 cubs remembrance day

2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers and Cubs Remembrance Day Designs




In commemoration of Remembrance Day, we believed that it was vital that we as a group did our part to remember the fallen soldiers and commemorate this very important day in our history. Due to the current lockdown restrictions, we asked our Beavers and Cubs to create a drawing of a relevant image (eg- a soldier, poppy etc.) on a sheet of A4 and colour it, at home. Once drawn and coloured, we then asked for the Beavers and Cubs to write a few simple sentences at the bottom of their work, answering the question “Why is it important that we wear a poppy?”

We asked the parents of our Beavers and Cubs to then email us two photos- one of just their child’s design, and one of their child in uniform holding their design up.

The designs we received were excellent and very creative, and we were astonished at the amount of our group that took part to commemorate the fallen soldiers and their sacrifice for our country. Well done to all of our Beavers and Cubs that took part in this very important project. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

When we return to normal meetings, hopefully in the new year, we have the intention of creating a collage with all of the designs.

Charlie L- Young Leader for 2nd Squirrels Heath Beavers Colony


District Cubs Lego Competition


Congratulations to the two winners of the District Lego Competition.

The winners were picked by three members of the District. The DDC, District Chair and a District Cub Leader.

Due to the good quality of the building we decided to give a second prize. 1st prize was a £40 Lego kit and second was a £20 Lego kit.

The winner was Luke from 8th Hornchurch Jupiter and second place went to Jack from 1st Squirrels Heath. Well done to both Cubs and have fun with your new kits.


Bob Wallace
ADC Cubs (Events)


Young Leaders



Congratulations to Aliyah and George who were presented with their Young Leader certificates and belts. They had both completed their First Aid training. Aliyah had done hers on the Lord Amory while she spent weekends on board assisting and earning her boating qualifications. While George completed his with The St Johns Ambulance. If lockdown had come two weeks later then we would have had another 11 Young Leaders who would have completed their First Aid training. They would also be receiving their certificates and belts. So as soon as we can return to meetings, we will get a training course for these youngsters.


2nd Squirrels Heath clapping for the NHS





2nd Squirrels Heath took part in clapping for the NHS, Care workers and other key workers in their uniforms, on Thursday 23rd April 2020 in honour of St George’s day.





Scooter Challenge 2020

ScootchallDespite bad weather warnings for this weekend we had a very good turnout of 47 Cubs.

The weather was a bit cold and we only had a small amount of rain. We had a hailstone shower that lasted a few minutes and turned the place into a Christmas scene totally white like snow. It went as quick as it came the Cubs actually enjoyed it.

Cubs from 11 Packs attended the event. The Cubs were racing in their age groups 8.9. and 10. This year the Cubs were individually scored again as we believe this is the fairest way to score.

There were trophies for the 3 highest scores in each age group and a trophy for the winning group.

Hot dogs, hot chocolate. crisps, Kit Kats and chocolate bars were for sale. Cubs love a Hot Dog and they ate over 50 of them.

The Cubs all enjoyed the races and there were no serious crashes. We did not open the First Aid bag.

The Cubs were asked at the end if they had enjoyed the day and would they like to do it again next year, a large shout went out they want to do it again.


8 Years Old

1st Oliver 7th Squirrels Heath
2nd Barney 1st Corbets Tey
3rd William 1st Upminster

9 Years Old
1st Nathan 2nd Cranham
2ndConner 1st Corbets Tay
3rd Kieran 1st Corbets Tay

10 Years Old
1st George 3rd Rainham
2nd Callum 3rd Rainham
3rd Oliver 3rd Rainham

Winning Groups
1st 3rd Rainham
2nd 1st Corbets Tay
3rd 8th Hornchurch Jupiter

I would like to thank the Leaders that helped put on the event. Corrine and David Dutch, Roger Fall, Mick Cross. John Dodd, Edward McCready, Ian Arnold, Kevin Warner, Louisa Golder and George (Young Leader) without their help we would not be able to run these events.

Bob Wallace
ADC Cubs (Events)



Kayaking on the River Chelmer

002001 2Great day out when the Water Team took six Network Scouts kayaking on the River Chelmer last August. We all met just north of Chelmsford and had a quick introduction to safety and how to kayak. Then on to the water for a three hour paddle ending up back at the start with two locks to negotiate on the way. When we finished, the networkers helped to get the kayaks back on the trailer and then off to the pub the recover.
If any section or group of leaders are interested in going kayaking, just contact the Water Team and we will be pleased to take you out.
Ian. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or Roger. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hornchurch District Cubs Archery Competition

The competition was held at 2nd Squirrels Heath HQ, Arnaud Lodge on Saturday 23rd November 2019.
Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the Cubs that took part.BCD 0028


Under 9 Highest score
1st Jack 3rd Rainham
2nd Sam 2nd Squirrels Heath
3rd Francis 2nd Elm Park

Under 10 Highest score
1st Jacob 1st Elm Park
2nd Harry 2nd Squirrels Heath
3rd Jack 1st Elm Park

Under 11 Highest score
1st Michael 8th Hornchurch Dragon
2nd Callum 3rd Rainham
3rd William 3rd Rainham

Highest Group Average Scores
Under 9 3rd Rainham
Under 10 1st Elm Park
Under 11 8th Hornchurch Dragon




District Spooks Day

District Spooks Day was held at Thriftwood scout camp and 165 Beavers attended.

Although the morning was a bit chilly the weather was very kind to us and the sun shone all day, happy leaders & beavers.

This year the beavers was asked to bring along recycled rubbish to make a scary monster and what a pile of rubbish we had, the winning group was chosen by Roger Fall and because the beavers had done such a great job, there was 3 winning groups in total.

The beavers were treated to a spooky tour, where they met 2 witches in their house where they answered questions to carry on the path to a wooden house, were they had to put their hand into holes to guess what was in it.

They decorated biscuits, made edible jewelery , made spider and ghosts from lolly pops and made scary finger puppets, they navigated their way through the wood to find on a golden pumpkin.

The Beavers showed their archery skills, bean bag throwing and got very messy with apple bobbing and mummy brains.

At the end of the day the beavers had hot chocolate & cake, then they had a camp fire, were there was a very large fire waiting for us to have camp songs around. All the very creative monsters that the beavers had made was put on the fire with a great big raw from the beavers.

The Beavers was presented with a spooks day badge for their blankets and went home very happy.
As always, the day would not have gone ahead and been very a successful day without the support and help from all the leaders and helpers attending. Not forgetting Sam for a great camp fire and songs.

Michelle Haddon
ADC Beavers


District Scouts Scrapheap Challenge Camp

On the first weekend of October Scouts from  seven troops attend the District scrapheap challenge camp at Thriftwood. The aim DSC 1015was to achieve parts through a range of challenges from wiring a plug to retrieving axels from a forbidden zone and rescuing wheels from high up in the trees. Once all parts had been successfully obtained, the Scouts were on their way to building their karts. Saturday afternoon saw 13 teams build their karts with the evening being spent on customising to their own design using various materials and spray paints. The evening finished off with an Explorer/Young Leader led campfire and a movie before heading off to bed. Despite the heavy rain Saturday night and into Sunday morning, the races went ahead through mud and fields. Apart from a couple of karts returning to the pits for urgent repairs, the races were a huge success. Thank you to everyone who helped make the weekend a success and the leaders at  8th Hornchurch for spending countless hours ordering, planning and preparing the karts in advance. Thank you especially to Rob Saleh for spending several days ensuring we had all the equipment we needed to ensure the camp was successful for everyone.

Here’s to our next event, Laser Tag at Stubbers on Saturday 30th November!

Dean Claxton

ADC Scouts (Events)




District Cub Camp September 2019

This year’s District Cub Camp was held at Skreens Camp site in Chelmsford where 160 Cubs attended with 45 leaders and youngBCD 0003a Leaders.

Even though the weather wasn’t great the rain kept off until the night. All the cubs camped outside in tents which was a lot of fun.

Once everyone had arrived on Friday night and settled into their tents we had a camp fire where we all sung lots of camp songs.

Our District Commissioner came along and gave a 20 year service award to Dean Jefferies and made Mick Cross a District leader. The Cubs had sausages in rolls and a drink and went to bed.

On Saturday morning we all got up and had breakfast then the activities began for the day ranging from Kayaking, Crate stacking, Climbing, Badminton, Archery, Air Rifle shooting, wheelchair assault course, raft building, slack line and grass sledging.

On Saturday evening we had dinner followed by a night of Fun at the Fair games which included some of these games,  splat the rat, play your cards right, fish a duck, key in the box, football in the hole and Knock down bottles using a stocking over your head with a weight by swinging your head. After a fun filled night and tiring day we all had supper and went to bed with the rain pouring down on the outside of the tents!

On Sunday morning we all got up had breakfast and then we held a District Sports day with the usual activities of how far can you throw the welly boot, three-legged race, obstacle race, egg & spoon race, sack race, running race and wheel barrow race. All the cubs had lots of fun and enjoyed taking part.

A big thanks to all the leaders and the cooks team who helped make this such an exciting event for the Cubs.

Richard Thorn

District Cub Scout Leader