District Cubs Badge Day

On the 15th October we held the District Cub Badge Day at Thriftwood with 157 Cubs attending. The Cubs worked round the bases and gained 4 badges. Backwoods cooking, Air Activities 1, World Faiths, and DIY. If the Cub already held the badge, we gave them Activity Plus badges instead.

Air activities incorporated making and colouring paper aeroplanes then a competition to see how far they went. The Cubs also enjoyed the Bottle Rockets that flew up into the sky.

World faith badge was like a giant discussion on religion, Cubs drew pictures and had a quiz. We also had 2 leaders talking about their religion Hindu and Muslin. It was surprising how much you could pick up listening to these Leaders. Each Cub was also given a copy of a New Testament Gideons Bible with a Scout logo on it. (These were supplied free from Gideons).

Backwoods cooking, cooking dampers over a barbeque was very popular once cooked a dob of jam on them kept the cubs very interested in eating them. They also cooked eggs in a plastic bag. Lighting fires with spark sticks was also enjoyed.

DIY base the Cubs made Pin Pong ball guns. This involved drilling with a bench drill. Drilling with a battery drill. Screwing in 3 screws with a screwdriver.  Hammering cable clips in to hold the elastic band. Once done they then had to colour their guns with wood dye.  I would like to thank Barton Timber who supplied the timber for the guns free of charge.

By the number of what’s App messages I have received all the Cubs had a super, enjoyable day.

Thank You to all the Leaders and Parents who helped run this day and to make it such a success.

Bob Wallace
ADC CUBS (Events)

October 15, 2022
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