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Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 400,000 young people and 100,000 adults across the UK and here in Hornchurch District we Digital District Badgeare proud to offer Scouting to over 1500 of these youngsters, in Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs ,Scout Troops and Explorer Sections in Ardleigh Green, Corbets Tey ,Cranham, Elm Park, Emerson Park, Hornchurch, Rainham and Upminster..
We believe in helping our Members fulfil their potential by working in teams and this gives them the skill to do and think for themselves. People from every background and culture have the opportunity to stretch themselves, learn new skills and make life long friends.
Whatever your age, Scouting in the 21st century is challenging, stimulating, imaginative,  rewarding and above all FUN!!! Scouting is for young people from the age of 6 through to 25, with each of these youth sections following an exciting programme.
The  challenge and adventure isn’t just for our youth members. Adult volunteers have lots of fun too, in the knowledge that they are giving something back to society by helping children and young people meet their potential.
Why not see what Scouting can offer you by contacting Debbie Carter, the District Commissioner on dc@hornchurchscouts.org.uk

District Cub Camp September 2019

This year’s District Cub Camp was held at Skreens Camp site in Chelmsford where 160 Cubs attended with 45 leaders and youngBCD 0003a Leaders.

Even though the weather wasn’t great the rain kept off until the night. All the cubs camped outside in tents which was a lot of fun.

Once everyone had arrived on Friday night and settled into their tents we had a camp fire where we all sung lots of camp songs.

Our District Commissioner came along and gave a 20 year service award to Dean Jefferies and made Mick Cross a District leader. The Cubs had sausages in rolls and a drink and went to bed.

On Saturday morning we all got up and had breakfast then the activities began for the day ranging from Kayaking, Crate stacking, Climbing, Badminton, Archery, Air Rifle shooting, wheelchair assault course, raft building, slack line and grass sledging.

On Saturday evening we had dinner followed by a night of Fun at the Fair games which included some of these games,  splat the rat, play your cards right, fish a duck, key in the box, football in the hole and Knock down bottles using a stocking over your head with a weight by swinging your head. After a fun filled night and tiring day we all had supper and went to bed with the rain pouring down on the outside of the tents!

On Sunday morning we all got up had breakfast and then we held a District Sports day with the usual activities of how far can you throw the welly boot, three-legged race, obstacle race, egg & spoon race, sack race, running race and wheel barrow race. All the cubs had lots of fun and enjoyed taking part.

A big thanks to all the leaders and the cooks team who helped make this such an exciting event for the Cubs.

Richard Thorn

District Cub Scout Leader




AGM 2019

BCD 0036 2Hornchurch District held their AGM on Wednesday 4th Sept at Gwillcoo.

The meeting commenced with Louisa asking everyone to stand for a minute silence for Janet Winslow. Dean Jefferys read an Eulogy to Janet and Louisa explained her family had agreed to a trophy in her memory, to be presented each year to someone from within the District who like Janet, is willing to go and help another Group or section, in times of need.

Debbie Carter officially stood down as District Commissioner and thanked everyone for their help and support during her time in the role. Louisa thanked Debbie for all her hard work, dedication and time that she had spent over the last 4 years helping to make Hornchurch the great District it is and went on to present Debbie with some gifts from the District and Groups, and wishing her well

Lee Clark, GLNE County Commissioner also thanked Debbie before investing Lee Copleston as the incoming District Commissioner for Hornchurch.
Louisa then asked Dean Jefferies to present the following awards

Young Leader of the Year
Charlie Lovegrove - 2nd Squirrels Heath
Jackson Memorial Trophy
This award is awarded to a group in the District which we feel has excelled in all aspects of Scouting and this year was presented to 2nd Upminster.
Ron Sorrell Shield
This award is presented to a leader who has been outstanding throughout the year and the recipient was Tony Pearce of 2nd Elm Park.
Dean then went on to present the following:
David Rogers – Commissioner Commendation
Glenn Daniels- Commissioner Commendation
Louisa Golder- Commissioner Commendation
Pink Parachute Pottery Shop- Commissioner Commendation.

Lee Clark County Commissioner then was asked to present Paul Fix on behalf of the Chief Scout with
The Bar to the Award of Merit

The formal part of the meeting closed and we then went on to have a short presentation from Roger Stannard from the new Water Activities Team which was launched earlier this year and he promoted the benefits the young people will get from this and asked for adults to come forward and assist the team.

Dean Jefferys and Tony Pearce then concluded the evening with the three young people, Dexter, Briony and Vienna, who attended the World Jamboree from Hornchurch this Summer as we heard of their experiences and watched a slide show from selection to arrival back in the UK. This way we could all see the fun they had, not just while they were in the USA and Canada but over over the last 18 months.




First event for the Water Team

First Event

 The water ommittee got going with it's first sailing day at Stubbers.

We have been fortunate to enter into a partnership with a family Sunday sailing club that enables us to take a group of scouts out each week.
The hope is that as scouts become proficient they may join the cub and become even better sailors.

There are 40 or so boats to sail of 5 or 6 different types. From single handed boats to larger Wayfairers as per the photo.

We hope we can find leaders or parents to join in and see how far we can take this project.

We have penned in two dates for leaders to have a go.

Saturday 27th July for kayaking and 15th Sept for leaders sailing

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Scouts Hiking Marathon 2019

See the pictures from the Hiking marathon.




Cubs District Soapbox Derby 2019

soapbox 2019What a packed event with 73 Cubs attending and 23 teams racing.

It was busy, a bit chaotic and karts everywhere. A big thank you to all the leaders who gave up their time to make this event happen.
It was a dry day but a bit over cast but the rain kept away. The biggest upset was for the leaders when the electric urn decided to give up the ghost and die. No more tea and coffee for the rest of the day.

A few of the newer groups to the event found out that their Karts were not quite up to the challenge and a number of wheels went astray. But there were plenty of carts to borrow and it did not stop the fun. Be prepared is the moto for next year. Kart building techniques were learnt by some.

This was some comments from 3rd Rainham Cubs about the event “had a blast” “it's amazing” “fantastic great fun” “Thanks for having us” that is telling it all, the Cubs had a good time.

A big thank you to Nelms School for allowing us to use the playground and facilities.

With so many Cubs attending we had to drop some races as we did not have enough time to get them all in.

Lets see if we can have even more Cubs for next Year with three races running at the same time. Cub leaders and parents get building those karts.

Position Name Time Group
1st 1st Skull 5:59 1st Cranham
2nd Debz for days 6:24 7th Hornchurch
3rd Skull Crusher 7:00 3rd Rainham
1st Scooter Ch Rafael 00:52 8th Hornchurch Dragon
2nd Scooter Ch Fin 00:59 1st Cranham
3rd Scooter Ch Thomas 01:00 1st Elm Park
Fastest Kart 2nd Elm Park    
Best Decorated Kart 1st Cranham    



 Bob Wallace
Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts (Events)

District Beaver Spy Sleepover 2019

The Beavers descended on Thriftwood Scout camp for their District sleepover - this year’s theme was ‘Beavers in Black’ Spy 194659 2Academy.

7 groups Friday to Saturday and another 7 groups Saturday to Sunday.

The Beavers had supper and then went for a night walk, which led them to a camp fire where they sang songs.
On returning to base they all had a hot chocolate & snack, then off to their dorms for the night.

The following morning after breakfast, the Beavers were officially enrolled in to the spy academy where they received their spy kits, disguises and ID badges.

After this, they were put into their elite task forces, and given the main mission of the day to find my brief case that had been stolen, which contained top secret documents. The spy that had stolen the brief case was described to be dressed in orange and wearing a mask. The Beavers spent all day guessing who this could have been, it was great to see them all using their imaginations.

As part of the Beavers spy training, they tackled an assault course and had an archery session - the Beavers showed good team work throughout. The Beavers also had the opportunity to learn how to lift finger prints, use their skills to decode secret messages, including writing their own codes with invisible ink. They also had a chance to test their steady hands as they manoeuvred their way along a giant buzzer wire.

For each mission that the Beavers completed throughout the day, they would receive a clue which would help them find the missing brief case.
The Beavers showed great courage as they climbed a very high wall as part of these missions, to retrieve a clue from the very top.

Each team was also given map coordinates, which they used to lead them to Headquarters and even found some more clues along the way.

I think the favourite mission of the day for both the Beavers and leaders, was Mission Impossible. The Beavers had to make their way from one end of basecamp to the other, to retrieve gadgets, however the tent was covered in tape and laser beams which they had to duck and dodge to avoid getting caught.

By the end of the day, the Beavers had become fully fledged special agents, as they discovered all the clues and put them together to find the missing brief case.

We all look forward to seeing what the next District sleepover will bring!

Michelle Haddon
Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers)



District Cubs Badge Day 2019

190 Cubs and leaders having a great time earning badges and enjoying the outdoors at District badge day. Thanks to Bob and his team and all the Leaders, adults and Young Leaders, who have worked hard to provide this opportunity to the Cubs.
Activities include cooking egg omelettes, making dampers, ping pong ball guns and electrical circuits. The Cubs will go home with DIY, Science, Backwards cooking and Pioneer badges.

Debbie Carter





District PL Weekend

On the 26th April 15 Scouts from across the District came together for a Patrol Leaders (PL) training weekend at Thriftwood. The DSCF7945weekend started off very wet and windy but being Scouts, everyone was prepared with their waterproofs. Roger Huggett organised the weekend and programme to ensure the Scouts gained as much knowledge as possible. The Scouts started off learning about being a Patrol Leader and the skills, knowledge and experience required to run a patrol. After a short piece of theory work on running a patrol, planning a camp, including menu and activities, it wasn’t long before the Scouts were in teams and carrying out practical skills. Starting off with knots & lashings, lamps & stoves, bearings, first aid and using axes the Scouts had a full morning of activities. Following lunch they started work on compass points, fire lighting, problem solving and building a stretcher for their casualty.

After a busy start there was a short session on patrol forums, the Scouting structure and moving on to Explorers. The fun didn’t stop at dinner time as the Scouts worked together in several wide games when the leaders ‘lost’ them in the woods. They successfully navigated their way back to site for a campfire and a couple of games of Uno.

Sunday was just as busy with teams working together to build a floating raft that could support a lit candle. After packing away, everyone was presented with their Team Leader challenge award and a certification of completion.

Thank you to Roger Huggett for organising such an action packed weekend for our PL’s of tomorrow. My thanks also to Marc and Sarah-Jane Scarce for catering over the weekend. Not forgetting Gerry Merritt, Allyson Cheung, Dean Holden, Jessica Scrace, John Reed and Marc Scrace for running various bases and activities. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to the Scout section. Here’s to our next event, the District Hiking Weekend on the 29th – 30th June.

Dean Claxton
ADC Scout Events




St Georges Day 2019

The following Awards were presented today to adults in the District:

Long Service Awards

10yrs - Louisa Golder, District

15yrs - Sheila Harper, 7SQH

15yrs - Graeme Luscombe, 2EP

15yrs - Sharon Ridgewell, District

The Commissioners Commendation

Terry Talbot, 6SQH

Lee Eastment, 2SQH

Rashida Boukari, 1RA

Owen Bristow, 7HX

Caroline Gallagher, 3UP

Lee Owen, 2UP

Reggie Dean, 1UP

The Chief Scouts Commendation for Good Service

James Youngs, 2SQH

The Silver Acorn

Nick Messenger, Thriftwood



District Beavers Team Challenge 2019

The Team Challenge was attended by 10 Colonies.

Beavers worked in teams where their problem-solving, team-working and leadership skills were put to the test. There was a Photo 17 03 2018 15 02 51variety of tasks which included Building a free-standing flag pole, design a flag to put on the top, using string, bamboo canes, sticky tap, elastic bands and paper.

The beavers created amazing pieces of art using mosaic squares to make a picture of a beaver. Then build a house from puzzle pieces. Each team got to answer 2 quiz sheets, to test their general knowledge.

There was great team work to decode questions to find the next task, that took them outside to find the longest blade of grass, believe me, I was surprised how long the grass was. The teams showed fantastic team spirit and encouraged each other to do their best.

2nd Upminster Gridirons Beavers came first and 3rd Upminster Wesley Beavers came second. Well done to all of the Beavers taking part.

Another Fantastic Team challenge, thanks to Sue Cruse and her team.




Cubs Scooter Challenge 2019

It was a windy day but fortunately there was no rain.

When the Leaders arrived to set up we had to change the route of the race track because bushes had grown on the route and it was getting a bit narrow.

Cubs from 11 Packs attended the event. The Cubs were racing in their age groups 8.9. and 10. The reason for this was this year the Cubs were individually scored. We took the two highest scores from each group to decide who would be the winning group.
We believe that this made it fairer for the groups that did not have as many Cubs taking place.

Hot dogs, crisps, Kit Kats and chocolate bars were for sale. Once again, Cubs love a Hot Dog and they all sold out.

The Cubs all enjoyed the races and there were no serious crashes. We only used one plaster,

The Cubs were asked at the end if they had enjoyed the day and would they like to do it again next year, a large shout went out they want to do it again.

There were trophies for the 3 highest scores in each age group and a trophy for the winning group.

8 Years
1st Olly - 2nd Cranham#
2nd Ashton - 1st Corbets Tey
3rd Francis - 2nd Elm Park

9 Years
1st Callum - 3rd Rainham
2nd James - 1st Upminster
3rd Ewan - 2nd Squirrel’s Heath

10 Years
1st George - 8th Hornchurch Jupiter
2nd Caleln - 2nd Squirrel’s Heath
3rd Aiden - 8th Hornchurch Dragon

Winning Group
1st 8th Hornchurch Dragon - 60 points
2nd 2ndSquirrel’s Heath - 57 points
3rd 1st Squirrel’s Heath - 56 points

Thank you to all the leaders that helped put on this event: Richard Thorn, John Dodd, David and Connie Dutch, Sandra Smith, Ian Meadows, Chris Plume, Ian Arnold, Mick Cross. Also thank you to all the Young Leaders that helped.