Application for a Nights Away Permit

If you wish to gain a permit to lead Nights Away events, please fill in this form and submit it.
If you require a campsite visit as part of your application for a permit, a months notice is required.

We have three Nights Away Advisors. Beavers Debbie Carter, Cubs Bob Wallace, Scouts John Reed Please contact them if you require any more information.

Health Factors

New or Renewal
Do you want to renew a permit or is this an aplication for a new permit. If this is for a new permit please fill in the details of the campsite and date that you want a visit at (please give at least one months notice). You will also need to complete a NAN form at least 7 days before the camp

Permit Type Applied for

Experience Details

Please list any relevant training courses attended and nights away events that you have been involved in running or organising.