District Hiking Weekend 2024 Results

Scouts Competition

1st Place7th Squirrels Heath Team A655 points
2nd Place3rd Upminster Team A610 points
3rd Place3rd Upminster Team C580 points
4th Place7th Squirrels Heath Team B532 points
5th Place1st Upminster 412 points
6th Place3rd Upminster Team B110 points

Explorer Competition

1st PlaceTrojans Team A1085 points
2nd PlaceVikings945 points
3rd PlaceTrojans Team B727 points
4th PlaceCenturions650 points

District Hiking Weekend 2024

PL Training Weekend 2022

May 21, 2022

Hornchurch District Scout Patrol Leader Training Weekend

Over the weekend of 13th – 15th May 2022. Twenty six Scouts from seven different groups across the district, assembled at Warren lodge for this year’s patrol leader training camp. The aim of the weekend being the acquiring of the Team Leader challenge award.

The scouts were divided into six mixed teams, each identified by a colour. Saturday morning saw the teams taking part in site layout assessment, kit lists, team communication game and a very involved camp planning session. This involves everything from site selection to menu planning, activity planning, plus transport arranging, and costing.

After a well- earned break it was time for the teams to attend six leader lead bases. First Aid, Lashings, Axe work, Bearings, Stoves and Fire lighting were on offer.

With orienteering, more compass work, another type of communication active session and Guy building following on after lunch. In case you’re wondering about guy building in the middle of May. They became our casualties for a pioneering rescue activity later on. Also, of course, they burn well after use. (Always popular).

Many more items were covered from their work folders. Rachel Taylor (DESC) ran a session on the pyramid of scouting followed by information about moving on to explorers.

The last session on Sunday morning, just as the rain made its first appearance in an otherwise gloriously sunny weekend, saw the scouts involved in the ever popular fire on the lake activity. A nice challenge to round of a morning of listening to me rattling through things. Congratulations to all the scouts that took part in the course and gained their award.

And saving a very important thank you to last. A massive thanks to the leaders on site. Gerry Merritt, Lyn Merritt, ( most appreciated for all the cooking), John Reed, Dean Claxton, Dean Holden, Andy Rice, Glenn Daniels, and Rachel Taylor. Also thanks to Lisa for keeping me sane with all the money comings and goings. Without these good people the whole thing could not have run at all. 

Grand Job

District Leader

District Scouts Scrapheap Challenge Camp

On the first weekend of October Scouts from  seven troops attend the District scrapheap challenge camp at Thriftwood. The aim was to achieve parts through a range of challenges from wiring a plug to retrieving axels from a forbidden zone and rescuing wheels from high up in the trees. Once all parts had been successfully obtained, the Scouts were on their way to building their karts. Saturday afternoon saw 13 teams build their karts with the evening being spent on customising to their own design using various materials and spray paints. The evening finished off with an Explorer/Young Leader led campfire and a movie before heading off to bed. Despite the heavy rain Saturday night and into Sunday morning, the races went ahead through mud and fields. Apart from a couple of karts returning to the pits for urgent repairs, the races were a huge success. Thank you to everyone who helped make the weekend a success and the leaders at  8th Hornchurch for spending countless hours ordering, planning and preparing the karts in advance. Thank you especially to Rob Saleh for spending several days ensuring we had all the equipment we needed to ensure the camp was successful for everyone.

Here’s to our next event, Laser Tag at Stubbers on Saturday 30th November!

Dean Claxton

ADC Scouts (Events)

October 5, 2019

District Scouts Scrapheap Challenge Camp

District Hiking Marathon 2019

District PL Weekend

On the 26th April 15 Scouts from across the District came together for a Patrol Leaders (PL) training weekend at Thriftwood. The weekend started off very wet and windy but being Scouts, everyone was prepared with their waterproofs. Roger Huggett organised the weekend and programme to ensure the Scouts gained as much knowledge as possible. The Scouts started off learning about being a Patrol Leader and the skills, knowledge and experience required to run a patrol. After a short piece of theory work on running a patrol, planning a camp, including menu and activities, it wasn’t long before the Scouts were in teams and carrying out practical skills. Starting off with knots & lashings, lamps & stoves, bearings, first aid and using axes the Scouts had a full morning of activities. Following lunch they started work on compass points, fire lighting, problem solving and building a stretcher for their casualty.

After a busy start there was a short session on patrol forums, the Scouting structure and moving on to Explorers. The fun didn’t stop at dinner time as the Scouts worked together in several wide games when the leaders ‘lost’ them in the woods. They successfully navigated their way back to site for a campfire and a couple of games of Uno.

Sunday was just as busy with teams working together to build a floating raft that could support a lit candle. After packing away, everyone was presented with their Team Leader challenge award and a certification of completion.

Thank you to Roger Huggett for organising such an action packed weekend for our PL’s of tomorrow. My thanks also to Marc and Sarah-Jane Scarce for catering over the weekend. Not forgetting Gerry Merritt, Allyson Cheung, Dean Holden, Jessica Scrace, John Reed and Marc Scrace for running various bases and activities. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication you’ve shown to the Scout section. Here’s to our next event, the District Hiking Weekend on the 29th – 30th June.

Dean Claxton
ADC Scout Events

April 28, 2019

District PL Weekend 2019

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